As a first time mom, I thought I was ready. I had completed the prenatal classes and I had a pretty good support system at home with my family. The first week at home with a newborn rocked my world. I was so NOT prepared. I will be forever grateful to Courtney and her services. She was truly a beacon of hope at a very dark time for me. It’s hard for me to put into words and this review is long overdue. All I can say is that Courtney Gomez/Seaside Doula is absolutely amazing. She is worth every single penny and was so very helpful in those first few months at home with my newborn. She helped me to find my new normal, to understand that it’s okay to question everything, the importance of breastfeeding, the importance of self-care, introducing me to baby-wearing and so much more.
Courtney with Seaside Doula helped me and my wife through so much during and after the pregnancy. She was very helpful when it came to breastfeeding, soothing and caring for our baby. There were times, even late at night, that we weren’t sure that what we were experiencing was normal. The first person we would call is Seaside Doula. She made us feel more assured that we were doing okay, even if it felt like we weren’t. I am so happy we can count on her to help us out with our first baby girl.

— Mike Sosa
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Courtney is amazing and i am not sure how we would have survived the first 6 weeks with my 2nd son without her. She jumped right in every morning without missing a beat. She was absolutely amazing with my toddler who had an extremely hard time adjusting to life with a velcro baby for a sibling. We had a few family members who were skeptical about hiring a postpartum doula and in the end said that she was worth every penny. If we ever have more children we would hire Courtney again in a heartbeat.
I reached out to Courtney for advice on babywearing. She educated me on the many benefits, variety of carriers and how important it was for me and the baby to feel safe and comfortable with whatever product I chose. Baby wearing is such a life saver. Thank so much Courtney!

— Toni Brady
Courtney came at the absolute last minute to help me out when I was having a really rough time. She is incredibly easy to talk to and work with. She helped care for my super active two year old so that I could get dinner made and spend some needed one on one time with 6 month old, who was on a sleeping and nursing strike. My two-year-old was like a new kid when when she left! I call her the Super Nanny doula! She is well worth her weight in gold. I could not recommend her more.
“ As my doula, Courtney was the calming spirit that brought me the inner strength and confidence to get through my labor and delivery.”
— Hannah Simmons
I learned about Seaside Doula through their connection with Operation Special Delivery. Because I was preparing to deliver my daughter while my husband was deployed, I knew I needed a doula that would not only be a strong advocate for me in the uncomfortable hospital setting but also someone who was well versed and trained with various natural laboring techniques. From our first conversation I knew Courtney was the perfect doula for me. She was knowledgeable, respectful, considerate of my childbirth requests and had a passion about childbirth that was undeniable and exciting!
Throughout my pregnancy Courtney was very responsive and consistently checked in with me and when the time came and I went into labor, she was there every step of the way. When I was excited, she shared my joy. When I was frustrated she literally gave me a shoulder to cry on. When I thought I couldn’t go on, Courtney was the calming spirit that brought me the inner strength and confidence to get through my labor and delivery. But our relationship didn’t stop there. Postpartum, Courtney remained approachable and constant with her check ins. She helped me adapt to motherhood, cope with my birth story disappointments and helped me establish positive breastfeeding practices. I can’t imagine progressing through pregnancy, labor, delivery and now, motherhood without Seaside Doula.”
— Hannah Simmons
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“Courtney was my family when family wasn’t available. She was my caretaker, she was my friend when I needed one the most (5 days of early labor!) and my soldier when I went to war (LABOR!) She will be coaching me through my next pregnancy, delivery and recovery and she is a big part of why I’m confident and excited to do it all over again.”
— Jamie Brock
“Courtney was an amazing doula and I could not recommend her more! She is very intuitive and informative, and makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I feel lucky we had her as part of our delivery!”
— Kati Morrison Joyner