“The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.”
— Unknown

Welcoming a new addition to your family can be supremely exciting for the soon to be, or already, big siblings. Some birthing parents choose to have their older children be a part of the labor and delivery process but are unsure how the child(ren) will handle the experience. Having a sibling doula present for the sole responsibility of guiding the child(ren) through the process is invaluable. We will connect with the brother or sister and be acutely aware of their needs during the process. We will also follow the birthing parent’s cues for their level of comfort in the presence of the older sibling(s). This is an amazing way to allow the experience to be inclusive of all family members, should that be your desire!

As a sibling doula, Seaside Doula provides many services in the following areas:

  • Meet and Greet with the sibling(s) to explain our role

  • In-Home Mini Big Sibling Class

  • Suggestions for Educational Material for the family to go over with the siblings

  • Take Over Primary Sibling Care During Labor and Delivery

  • Incorporate the Siblings Into The Birth WIshes Plan

  • Spend Additional Time With Siblings at a Follow-Up Postpartum Visit

  • On-Call Support for the Duration of the Pregnancy

  • And so much more!

“Did we just become best friends?”
— Step Brothers, The Movie