Let's work together to develop a customized package that works best for your family. 

Seaside Doula's services are scheduled in 4 hour increments priced at $25 an hour. Each service agreement requires a minimum of 8 hours. Every package includes a complimentary consultation, allowing Seaside Doula to further understand your family's expectations and goals, so that we can serve you and your family to the best of our ability. We also offer savings by booking multiple visit packages! Contact us today to learn more!




(8 hours)

This introductory package will help ease you into life with your newborn(s).  Let Seaside Doula assist with your transition home and help you rest in the early days! We will also cover basic newborn care and breastfeeding (if you've chosen to). This Seaside Doula package makes a wonderful baby shower gift!


Setting Sail

(20 hours)


With four or five visits, Seaside Doula is able to expand upon our introductory package by allowing for additional time and services throughout your postpartum transition. The Setting Sail package allows you to become comfortable and confident with your new family dynamic not just for the first few days home, but throughout the first couple weeks after birth. 



(50 hours)

Offering the initial consultation and fifty hours of in person support, the Anchored in Love is our most popular package allowing for comprehensive support for mom, baby and family.  These SeasideDoula visits can be spread out any way you feel will fit your family best.  This is a great option for moms who's spouse/partner, has to return to work quickly after the birth.


Bon Voyage

(75+ hours)

Welcome to the ultimate package for the new mom. Seaside Doula's Bon Voyage package allows mom long term support through weekly visits or intensive initial support through daily visits for the first few weeks. We will be able to customize this package to work for you, giving you support when you need it most, allowing you to feel comfortable and prepared with Seaside Doula by your side. 

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